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Privacy Policy

And now for the boring but important stuff

From time to time I email my contacts. I my intention was to email people on my list way more than I do, but it rarely happens. However I will attempt to outline what data I hold on people, where I got it from and what I intent to do with it.

BUT ... I am not going to use legal speak. Let's keep it simple.

What information?

For many I don't have more than an email address, for a few more I have a name.

In some instances I have an address, a phone number, the business name and the position in that business. I then have tried to put people on my list into a category of how I know them, maybe it is in person, through EMyth or just Social Media. And I have also tried to gauge what might interest that person, something like Business Growth, Networking, my idea being that not everybody is interested in everything.

Where did you get my information?

You have probably been in contact with me in one of the following ways:

  • Direct contact via email

  • Direct contact in person (you have given me your business card)

  • Signed up via this site or it's sister site (

  • Connected with me on Social Media.

I have never bought any marketing lists so it has always been some kind of direct contact

Where do you store this information?

I use a well know, secure 3rd party email marketing platform ... MailChimp

So yes, it may actually be stored in a country in which you do not reside. The truth is I don't physically know where their servers are, but I trust MailChimp enough to not feel the need to check. Plus I don't think any of the information I hold is particularly sensitive as it is what you would give out to any contact or put on a business card.

What do you use it for?

To send you the odd email, and when I say odd I mean occasional, as in you are lucky if you get 3 a year from me. My intention was to be a bit more regular with keeping in touch as I hope that what I do send put is both interesting and useful.

In reality however I put most of my 'Public Musings' directly out on LinkedIn. (If you do like what I have to say, feel free to connect on LinkedIn, see below in the 'Contact Me section)

And yes, while I am looking to both sell my coaching services and buy distressed businesses, of which both will probably be mentioned somewhere in any emails the focus is always about trying to add or give value where possible.

Can I delete or change my information or subscription?


MailChimp makes it very easy for anyone to unsubscribe from my newsletter or all of MailChimp, it also allows you to view or change any information I might be holding. Simply click on the email link, usually located at the very end of the email and follow the Mail Chimp instructions.

Who else has access?

Nobody outside my employ. I only allow people with whom I have a contract with access my list.

I never have and never will sell or pass on my list. I hate when companies do it to me, and I will never do that to someone else. I consider it disrespectful. If you have trusted me with your email address, the least I can do is respect your privacy

What about Cookies?

I don't know of any websites or email marketing platforms these days who never use any type of cookie. What I can guarantee is that I will never knowingly allow any type of permanent or malicious cookie to be used on any of my online material.

Some cookies are helpful to browsers to improve your online experience, and are deleted straight away. Some stay on your computer for a fixed period or indefinitely (like sites that ask if you want to stay logged in with your browser)

I never use cookies for advertising.

At some point in the future I may have links to 3rd party sites, to which I have no control over their cookie or privacy policy, you would have to visit their site's Privacy Policy directly. However I wouldn't want to be associated with someone who seemed to be using data in an unethical way, so where possible I would try to make sure that never happens.

Emailed newsletter do tell me things like how many time an email gets opened and geographic location. It can also tell me who has unsubscribe and who had clicked on a link.

Will things change?

Yes, things always change eventually. Legislation changes, technology changes, my services will probably change, I will probably change ...

And so I reserve the right to change my policy as I need to. But my commitment to treating other people's information with care will not change, so I don't expect much to change on this page.

One last assurance...

If you feel I am not compliant in someway, or you are worried about any of the implications around the information I have given above please get in touch. Drop me a message below, and I will do everything I can to rectify, clarify, safeguard or even remove your information.

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