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In a word, my approach is collaborative

Whether it is coaching or investing it is about making sure that all parties get what they need.

The goal is always Win-Win...


Investment is often a good way to come up with fast solutions. Many business owners who want to retire finds the traditional brokerage method has them tied to a business for longer than they wanted instead of enjoying the rewards of building the business in the first place.

Or they want to grow much faster than they are able in their current business model.


I work with some extremely experienced business investors and together we find out firstly what your needs are, which is different from one business owner to the other.


  • Retirement

  • Safeguarding jobs

  • Growth

  • Turnaround

  • Sales

  • Cashflow

Then we look at the business to see how we can achieve your key goals and ensure that everyone comes out a winner.


Coaching is a longer term commitment, but it gives business owners and entrepreneurs the mindset and the tools on how to implement the changes and improvements themselves.

Coaching is about designing your business for success, and using some very specific tools to do that.

With the implementation of Leadership skills, Systems (from marketing to hiring), Financial know-how, your time starts to free up to look at what you are really good at, what you enjoy doing. It also allows you to start planning for the future for you and your business.

And it allows you to have the freedom of choice, how you spend your time, where you want to take the business...

Whatever option you think you might need, just contact me (below) to arrange a call to discuss what you want for your business.

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