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Life is a journey

If your Business is the vehicle where are you headed?

Business Investor & Turnaround Coach

I help business owners achieve their goals.

That can be anything from creating a business they love, to quickly turning around a business, to forming an exit strategy.

As an investor I can effect change fast, as a coach I can help develop your skills to achieve your result yourself.


About Me

I have always loved business...

When I was younger I wanted to be in business, but no specific industry. I just found the world of business fascinating. How individuals could create something from nothing and then leave an incredible legacy that benefited hundreds or thousands of people, to me, that was nothing short of astounding.

I have studied business both academically and literally as a business owner. I have never stopped learning and never will because the world of business just keeps evolving.


What I do...

1:1 Business Coaching

If you are struggling to make a difference and effect the change you really want, an objective pair of eyes from the outside can help you to design and achieve success for your business.

Mastermind Groups

Need to find other like-minded entrepreneurs where you can talk confidentially about the issues you are tackling?

Share experiences, tips and techniques with other experienced business owners.

Business Investment

I work with Business owners who would like to exit their business as well as those who are looking for investment to grow or re-group.


With investment or a buy-out we can look at very fast turnaround strategies that can benefit everyone involved. 

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